Rochester, NY

Southview Towers

Our energy audit identified conservation measures that helped save more than 15-percent in total energy use.

Exterior view of the Southview Towers apartment complex

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Betlem was selected by Landsman Development Corporation to explore energy saving opportunities and perform upgrades at their Southview Towers multi-family high-rise.  

After completing an energy audit and developing a high-level energy model, we performed a number of mechanical upgrades that helped the building achieve total energy savings of more than 15 percent. Further, our team also assisted with the rebate acquisition process through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), which resulted in a $193,000 rebate. 

Client Objectives

The client wanted to develop an energy reduction plan and implement a number of efficiency projects, in alignment with NYSERDA’s Multi-Family Performance Program (MPP). The plan would need to closely follow MPP guidelines and be reviewed for quality control by a NYSERDA representative, to secure a rebate. 


We performed a comprehensive energy audit across the 17-floor, 129,515-square-foot building. Our team gathered information through site visits and conversations with staff and then fine-tuned the energy model using utility bill information. Leveraging cutting-edge energy modeling software, we documented our plan in detail, closely following MPP format. 

Ultimately, we identified and recommended the following energy conservation measures (ECMs):

  • Replace copper-fin tube boilers with condensing boilers to heat domestic hot water and baseboard radiators 
  • Rebalance and repair exhaust fans and unit ventilators to minimize outdoor air filtration and achieve neutral/positive building pressure 
  • Install low-flow devices in kitchens and bathrooms to help save water and natural gas 
  • For exist signs and exterior lighting, replace sodium fixtures with LEDs 

Altogether, these ECM recommendations are projected to generate $28,959 a year in cost savings and a simple payback of 7.6 years.

After the audit was complete, we were contracted to design and install the new boilers, repair, and rebalance the ventilation systems, and assist with the rebate process. 

Client Background

Southview Towers is an affordable living complex with 193 single bedroom apartments.