Webster, NY

Phillips Village

Post-construction inspections and testing helped ensure that our customer received the savings they were anticipating.

View of the Phillips Village community entrance sign

Value Delivered

The property manager, Landsman Companies (Landsman), engaged EMCOR Service Betlem (Betlem) to evaluate the energy performance of the 500-unit apartment and townhouse facility and make recommendations for energy savings upgrades that could be incorporated into a planned rehabilitation project.

Betlem partnered with Building Services Group (BSG) to identify required building upgrades, develop a list of energy conservation measures (ECMs), and provide a budget for the upgrades and measures.

Through a series of site inspections and interviews with the facility managers, Betlem developed a list of ECMs that would also contribute to the necessary infrastructure upgrades.

Client Objectives

The property manager planned to invest over $24 million to rehabilitate the buildings, which had not been significantly upgraded since their construction in 1973.


ECMs identified included:

  • Additional attic insulation
  • High efficiency condensing hot water boilers with indirect domestic hot water storage
  • Window upgrades
  • Replace dishwashers
  • Air sealing
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Exterior lighting upgrades

All the identified measures were implemented, and Betlem worked with BSG to secure incentives through RG&E’s Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program.

We not only designed and installed the new boiler plants without interruption to each building, but also coordinated the pre-site inspection, calculation adjustments, and all necessary paperwork to acquire over $490,000 in incentives. To help ensure that all the predicted energy savings were met according to plan, we also conducted site visits and blower door testing.

Client Background

Phillips Village Townhouses and Garden Apartments are managed by the Landsman Companies, a family of companies designing and implementing strategies in real estate development, construction, and management.