Comprehensive Energy Audits and Energy Services

Technician assessing an energy auditEMCOR Services Betlem provides energy benchmarks, energy audits and energy conservation measures, and FlexTech studies. 

Energy Benchmarks

An energy benchmark provides customers with a unique “energy score” based on the existing performance of the facility.

Our team provides a benchmark report that compares facilities of similar use—through an energy usage index (EUI)—allowing customers to rank different facilities they own or compare theirs with others in a similar industry. The report also provides information on potential savings opportunities.

Energy Audits and Energy Conservation Measures

An energy audit is performed through an in-depth site visit and utility bill analysis to assess a building’s energy performance. The audit report provides customers with a list of low- or no-cost energy conservation measures (ECMs). Our energy experts calculate annual energy costs, implementation costs, and potential utility savings for each ECM. This allows customers to make educated decisions on prioritizing future projects.

ECMs often take the form of:

  • Optimizing equipment schedules
  • Light fixture replacements
  • Installing programmable thermostats
  • Identifying equipment repairs to improve operations
  • Identifying larger projects for further study

FlexTech Study 

A FlexTech study (ASHRAE Level II and III) gives our specialists a comprehensive understanding of a facility’s operations, major equipment, and energy consumption factors, so they can provide customers with customized energy saving opportunities.

For each energy improvement project identified, a complete financial analysis is provided, including calculated annual savings, estimated or proposed implementation costs, and any available state and local utility incentives.

This information is used to calculate the simple payback period, cash flow analysis, and net present value for each project. Financing options can be included, if requested. FlexTech study results are then presented to the customer, along with proposals for each of the identified projects.

Continuous Monitoring and Ongoing Energy Services

Energy_Management_350x263.jpgThrough continuous monitoring of a facility’s energy consumption and/or its energy consuming equipment, our team can provide our customers with real time energy use data and analysis. This information helps facilities specialists manage resources and maintain optimal equipment performance.

The primary benefits of energy monitoring include:

  • Energy analytics help quantify and evaluate previously unknown information on building systems and operating parameters.
  • Awareness through interactive dashboards—for the exclusive use of facility personnel and/or for public displays, such as in-office monitors—can increase energy awareness and has been shown to positively affect occupant behavior, resulting in reduced utility costs.
  • Automated notifications provide real time notice of errors or faults within a system. Customized alarms can also be set up to prevent inconsistent operations or overconsumption.

Energy Service Agreements

An energy service agreement (ESA) is a regularly scheduled review and evaluation of a facility’s energy consumption. It can include utility bill monitoring, annual or semiannual benchmarks, energy assessments, and/or energy audits. The intent is to help customers reduce energy costs and/or measure and verify savings on previously installed energy projects.

No matter which energy services you select, our team of highly trained experts can help you reduce your facility’s energy use and costs. Contact us today.