Rochester, NY

Nazareth College Exterior Lighting Evaluation

Projected savings from identified exterior lighting efficiency projects was 523,260 kWh annually.

Nighttime exterior view of Nazareth College parking lot

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Betlem (Betlem) was selected by Nazareth College to evaluate and upgrade their existing exterior lighting systems to LED technology. 

After data was collected, it was input into photometric modeling software (Visual©) to create a realistic simulation of the existing configuration and light levels provided by the existing light fixtures. Then different lighting technologies and configurations were analyzed based on the light output provided.

The study resulted in 20 recommendations for energy conservation projects. The implementation of the recommended measures would result in 523,260 kWh of annual electricity consumption savings and 176.3 kW of off-peak demand savings. The recommended measures would also reduce the campus’ annual electricity costs by $43,291 per year and would have an estimated implementation cost of $491,110, achieving a simple payback in just over 11 years.

Client Objectives

The client needed a complete audit of their exterior lighting on the campus and recommendations for energy savings.


Betlem performed a pilot installation/retrofit of LED lamps in one parking area on campus to verify the predictions made through the study. The purpose of this pilot project was three-fold:

  1. To determine the accuracy of the Visual model in predicting light levels in the pre- and post-retrofit scenarios.
  2. To experience the aesthetic appeal of the new LED lamps compared to the (previously) existing metal halide lamps that were used throughout the campus.
  3. To verify the nameplate power consumption of the proposed fixtures.

The pilot project successfully validated the accuracy of the lighting model and its ability to predict light levels both pre- and post-retrofit. 

Upon completion of the energy study and pilot project, the client began to implement Betlem’s recommendations in a phased approach. They started with roadways, parking lots, and sidewalk lighting, then moved on to building-mounted lighting, and finally upgraded the exterior lighting control system.  

Client Background

Nazareth College is a coeducational, private, religiously independent college located in Pittsford, NY.  The college was originally founded in 1924 and has more than 2,800 students and 176 full-time academic staff.