Rochester, NY

Nazareth College Boiler Plant Evaluation

We continue to provide the college with energy services that allow it to implement new projects while improving energy efficiency.

Betlem technicians working at the facility for boiler replacement services

Value Delivered

Following site visits and the collection of onsite steam production and natural gas logs, EMCOR Services Betlem (Betlem) began to develop a baseline for existing steam loads and natural gas consumption of the plant serving the entire Nazareth College campus.  

Initial analysis revealed that the summer steam loads would be lower than the minimum turndown capabilities of the smallest boiler (250 boiler horsepower (BHP)). Additionally, if that unit was to go down, only two 500 BHP boilers would be left to attempt to handle the low loads. 

As a result of this analysis, Betlem was able to work with Nazareth and the design firm to redesign the plant to include smaller boilers that would be capable of meeting summer loads without short cycling, while providing improved redundancy in the case of a boiler failure.

Betlem also identified additional energy conservation measures (ECMs) that would be eligible for additional funding through incentive programs. In total, the identified ECMs saved 260,404 therms of natural gas and 70,453 kWh of electricity. This amounted to annual cost savings of $195,731. 

Working with Rochester Gas & Electric’s Commercial and Industrial Rebate Program, Betlem was also able to secure $95,340 in funding. We also identified an additional $63,561 in incentives for projects that were not implemented, resulting in a total incentive identification of $158,901. 

Combining the savings due to each ECM, with the incentive amounts, brought the cumulative payback for all projects down to just under nine years.

Client Objectives

The client wanted to understand the steam loads at the existing boiler plant in order to determine the proper sizing and design of the new boilers to complete the second phase of the renovation project.


The recommended energy conservation measures included:

  • Boiler replacement
  • Implementation of oxygen trim control and combustion fan variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Flue gas to feedwater pre-heating economizer
  • Installation of VFDs on feedwater and surge tank pumps
  • Insulation of existing condensate return piping

Client Background

The Nazareth College campus is a 150-acre lot with a typical mix of college buildings, including academic buildings, office spaces, residence halls, and dining halls.