Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Uniland Development Company

We provided 292 recommendations on over 36 properties to help this development company save energy and costs across their portfolio.

Entrance of the Uniland Development Company building

Value Delivered

Uniland Development Company engaged EMCOR Services Betlem (Betlem) to perform benchmarking studies for its 36 sites in the greater Buffalo and Rochester regions, totaling more than 2.2 million square feet of commercial office space.  

In total, 292 energy conservation measures (ECMs) were identified and evaluated across the portfolio of facilities. Through implementation of the ECMs, Uniland will save 2,844,127 kWh per year and 54,553 therms per year for a total energy savings of $427,721 per year. With total implementation costs of $4,095,182, net payback occurs in just over 9.5 years.

Client Objectives

Uniland wanted a professional analysis of their properties with suggestions on measures to help cut energy use and save on costs.


ECM evaluations were specific to each individual site and included economic payback. The measures included, but were not limited to, changes such as:

  • Interior and exterior lighting upgrades
  • Lighting controls
  • Building envelope improvements
  • Equipment scheduling
  • Boiler controls and tuning
  • Cooling tower controls
  • Motor upgrades and installing variable frequency drives
  • Packaged heating/cooling equipment upgrades (Catalyst EEC)

Client Background

Uniland Develoment Company is a full-service developer with 150 properties and over 400 tenant businesses.