Rochester, NY

100 S Clinton LLC

By focusing on the chilled water system, we were able to reduce peak time electrical demand, saving the building owner $247,687 annually.

Exterior view of the Xerox Square building entrance

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Betlem (Betlem) was contracted by 100 S Clinton LLC and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to perform a peak load reduction analysis on the facility known as Xerox Tower through NYSERDA’s FlexTech Program.

The final analysis resulted in the identification of 11 total energy/peak demand conservation measures (ECMs), resulting in a cumulative electric savings of 2,479,663 kWh and billed peak demand savings of 1,043 kW, representing a total cost savings of $247,687 annually.

Client Objectives

The purpose of the study was to gain an understanding of the rate class and billing structure used for the building, and to identify actionable operational strategies that would reduce peak load electricity demand.  


Betlem used statistical graphs to help visualize the average performance of the building on a daily basis, allowing us to spot outliers and develop recommendations to tweak controls. 

After discussing the results with the owner, it was decided to focus on the chilled water system due to its large peak time draw during the cooling season. Savings were achieved through replacing and retrofitting existing equipment.

The identified ECMs included:

  • Chiller replacement with a properly sized variable speed chiller
  • Install variable frequency drives on chilled and cold water pumps
  • Upgrading existing T8 and T12 fluorescent lighting to LED
  • Start chiller on warm days before 7:00 AM to avoid startup spike
  • Upgrade office equipment and appliances to reduce baseline kW draw

Client Background

Xerox Tower is a 30-story high rise in Rochester, situated on a 2.7-acre plot of land, and consisting of 850,000 square feet of floor area, which is primarily used as office space. 100 S Clinton LLC is the building owner and property manager, while Xerox is the primary tenant.