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Darlene Hollis

Operations Manager, Commercial Service

Value Delivered

Darlene has been the operations manager of our commercial service team since 2016. She manages the dispatchers, assists the general manager with proposals and customer information, and provides problem solving for others in the company. She also assists the service project manager to ensure that project quotes are completed in a timely manner. 


Darlene has a degree in executive secretarial with a minor in accounting, and began her HVAC career when she became service dispatcher at E.G. Snyder Co. There she was mentored on how to make different repairs to various types of HVAC equipment. She worked for three other contractors in their commercial service departments, moving from administrator to manager, as well as learning estimating.

She joined the Betlem team in 2005 as the service dispatcher and was promoted to service supervisor three months later. From 2011 through 2014, when we were awarded the AT&T cell tower account, she became the account manager and assisted the project manager with unit replacements. After that, Darlene remained an account manager for two of our highest volume customers. 

Her ability to talk with customers and comply with required follow-up procedures has given these customers the confidence to know that all her projects will be completed in a timely manner and with a quality of workmanship above and beyond what is required.  

The Personal Side

Darlene enjoys the simple life such as time at home with her dogs, reading a good book, and spending time with family.